Friday, February 13, 2015

Vacation Snow and Cold

Happy Vacation, everyone. It doesn't quite seem like we deserve a full week off after all the snow days, but who's really complaining? We know the graduating class of 2015 certainly is not.

The temps didn't go quite as low as some forecasters thought. We had a -1 reading at daybreak at the GSD Home Office. The wind was strong there for a while in the overnight hours, but now it has settled down. And Superintendents are downright tired of calling in delays and cancellations, which also explains why there were no freeze delays this morning.

Image courtesy of the Weather Channel.
The big news is the eastern New England blizzard, which could throw a few inches our way out west. So, for this storm the state financial and meteorological landscapes are very much the same. Zing!

We could see up to 6" of the lightest snow you'll ever shovel starting tomorrow afternoon and into Sunday. With any winds, though, we'll have white out conditions, which shouldn't be taken lightly, especially for those new drivers out there.

Sunday will be unpleasant. Just stay inside. Trust us on this one.

And finally, mucho uncertianto about the big storm for Tuesday and Wednesday. We still have our full attention on it, but the computer models are providing so much variety in their forecasts that it's hard to synthesize them into an intelligible prediction. We'll know much more by Sunday.

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