Saturday, February 7, 2015

Winter Storm Warning for the Berkshires

When it snows, it snows.

We have a major situation on our hands, Followers of the Flake. Our Winter Storm Watch has been upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning. As far as school cancellations go, this is a positive development.

What's unusual is that the Winter Storm Warning period is from 1 AM Sunday until 6 AM Tuesday. This is a very long period of time for a storm, which gives us some pause about the certainty of a snow day for Monday. Still, we think that Monday will likely be a snow day for most districts.

Thanks, Accuweather. That's a nice forecast.
Given the projected snow totals, and school administrators may chafe at this announcement, but we're looking at the possibility of the double snow day--Monday and Tuesday. Also, here's a likely scenario for the upcoming week: snow day Monday; delay Tuesday; freeze delay Friday. One wonders if we should even have a February vacation. (O the blasphemy!)

Light snow is currently falling as of 11 PM Saturday. We'll probably see 4-6 inches throughout the day tomorrow, and then we'll tack on another 6-10 inches overnight Sunday and during the day on Monday. If we start the snow measurements starting tomorrow (Sunday) around noon, we'll see between 12 and 16 inches by Tuesday morning. This is the storm that will not quit.

Keep voting for this storm's name and keep checking in at GSD. We'll update our info on this major storm throughout the day tomorrow. Yes!


  1. A quick comment about your quote: I'm not sure how a snow day can LITERALLY fall from the sky since it is intangible to begin with. I'm probably just being obtuse. Any thoughts?

  2. CBRSD doesn't have a February vacation this year, so we'll take all the snow days we can get!