Sunday, February 8, 2015

Storm Ringo: Evening Report

Apparently, a few Superintendents have not read GSD today. They've called in the snow day already. Congrats to the students of those towns and districts. Ultimately, that might be the right decision, but it is a little premature, according to the GSD Staff.

We just took a brief tour of the roads in North County and route 7 is okay but not great. The snow is coming down in a very light fashion. If the snow continues in this way for the next 36 hours, we would understand why there will be widespread snow days tomorrow simply because road crews will not be able to keep up. That's probably going to be the case, but you never know what will or will not transpire overnight.

We're going to bump up the True North Confidence Meter a few notches only because Superintendents are already starting to cave like US cinema operators during The Interview scandal.

Here's the running tally.


North Adams
Mohawk Trail

[If you want actual weather details about the storm, read this post.]

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