Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Possible Winter Weather Advisory & Delays

Another day in the Berkshires, another snow event. ("Storm" is too strong of a word for what's predicted for the next 24 hours.)

Expect to see steady light snow and/or snow showers throughout the day today with possible accumulations up to an inch.

Tonight, though, we are supposed to see even steadier light and moderate snow falling from the skies. Eastern Mass and New England will make out better with this disturbance, but it will not surprise us to see 3-4" throughout the Berkshires.

A best case scenario for tonight's event
Given how light and dusty the snow is, the GSD Staff has run its advanced metrics on the timing, amount of snow, and efficiency of road crews and decided that there will be delays tomorrow but not widespread ones. We could see an outcome similar to Tuesdays delays (only two schools phoned them in).

Any towns with higher elevations will have a better chance at a delay tomorrow. Adams/Cheshire and Central Berkshire are two possible candidates, but in no way are we 100% predicting delays for these districts.

If the amount of predicted liquid bumps up for this storm in the next run of the computer models, we'll see a Winter Weather Advisory for the Berkshires starting tonight.

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