Tuesday, February 17, 2015

More Cold; Nuisance Snow

Sadly, the big storm we were hoping for tonight into tomorrow has gone south and is impacting southeastern New England. We could see a stray snow shower from it this morning--especially in South County--but otherwise it will be a cloudy and cold day with temps shooting up to the lower 20s. Get out the shorts!

Sorry, Central Berkshire and private school students--you will have full days of school the rest of the week. There's a very slim chance of a freeze delay Thursday morning, but really that's just us trying to give you some hope for a shorter day at some point.

As for snow, we could see the aforementioned showers today, an inch Wednesday night, another inch Thursday night, and then over the weekend up to 6" on Saturday afternoon. The European model is predicting between .25" and .5" of liquid. The temps will be warmer over the weekend--low 30s--so this storm would bring a wetter, heavier snow with snow-to-liquid ratios more in the 10:1 range.

Currently, there is no big warm-up in sight. We'll get into the 30s this weekend, but then it's right back to the low 20s for highs during the week of the 23rd. Punxsutawney Phil has been spot on with his forecast so far.

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