Friday, February 27, 2015

Messy Week Ahead

Happy weekend, snowhounds!

We have an exciting period ahead of us. Our Sunday storm looks on the light-to-moderate side, and then there's a big mess (snow, sleet, freezing rain) headed our way between Tuesday and Thursday.

Currently, the models are suggesting about a third of an inch of liquid for the Sunday storm. With the cold air still in place and plenty (!) of snowpack on the ground, we'll see all snow with this storm. A third of inch should translate to 4-5" of snow. The problem with this storm is the timing. Alas, it looks like the snow will end in the early morning hours of Monday (1-2 AM). Delays are possible, and the GSD Staff has reached consensus that a full snow day Monday is unlikely.

Our snow forecast though 6 PM on Monday. The Berkshires is safely in the 4-6" range.

The midweek storm, however, will be a frustrating one for us to predict. There will be a long period of moisture, and we'll just have to see if there's enough concentration of snow or mixed precip at the right time to change the length of a school day. Wednesday will be the day if we are to get a delay or cancellation.

Enjoy the relatively mild temps this weekend, and look for the snow to start some time in the mid-afternoon on Sunday.

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