Thursday, February 5, 2015

Snow, Snow and More Snow

Thursday morning's disturbance performed better than expected. So, for our last three storms, we've had better than expected, as expected, and well below expected snow fall totals. That spread doesn't do much to instill a lot of confidence in the models, but if they were flawless, we'd have fewer weather outlets--such as this one--and that wouldn't be as much fun, would it?

You should take tonight's Wind Chill Advisory seriously. Temps will drop to around -10 throughout Berkshire County, and the addition of a 5 MPH wind will be enough to make it feel as if it is 20 below out there. You will need extra time to start cars and buses tomorrow morning.

As for snow...we have several opportunities for more of the white stuff in the next week due to a pipeline of snow originating in Canada:

Friday afternoon -- a few showers or flurries (no accumulation)
Saturday afternoon/evening -- 1-2" possible
Sunday afternoon/night into Monday morning -- the big question mark of the week; possible 3-6"; delays or snow days?
Wednesday night/Thursday morning -- Alberta Clipper; 2-4"?; delays?

We're homing in on the Sunday night storm. It might not deliver this time--the models are in much disagreement--but the trend has been good for the last two storms, taking the low pressure systems farther north and into New England.

That green swath over the US/Canada border is not the kind of Canadien pipeline that merits environmentalist protest. Hopefully it will deliver its goods come Monday morning. (Forecasted snow map as of noon on Sunday.)
We'll have much more on the Sunday/Monday storm over the weekend.

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