Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wild Weather Ahead

We have a wild few days ahead of us.

First, let's deal with the possibilities of freeze delays tomorrow. Yes, a Wind Chill Advisory is in effect. Temps will be below zero and winds will be gusty, taking wind chill values into the -15 to -25 degree range. Similar to last Friday, we think a few schools will delay the start of the day because of those forecasted conditions. We see that Pittsfield has made buses available for all walkers for Friday, which means that they are likely to have a full day of school.

These are the high temperatures for these days. Thanks to NWS Albany for this great graphic.

As for Saturday, temps could be rather seasonable (high teens), but we do have a threat of a 4-6" snowfall for Saturday afternoon and night. This storm popped up suddenly. A low pressure system will zoom in from Ontario and then set up camp on the coast. With the counterclockwise rotation of the storm, it is expected to pull warmer Atlantic Ocean moisture back over the incredibly cold air that is in place over New England. With very high snow to liquid ratios expected from this mixture, it won't surprise us to see a quick 6" from this storm in the Berkshires. The farther you head east, the higher the snow totals. Boston is looking at another 10-12".

If you have big plans for Saturday night, you will want to keep an eye on this storm as it could make for dangerous driving conditions, especially if the winds persist and blow the snow around.

Sunday is still expected to be very cold--low single digits for highs--and Monday morning's low temperatures could be record-breaking.

Finally--and the GSD Staff is very excited about this news--the computer models are setting up the possibility for a blockbuster level snowstorm for Tuesday night into Wednesday. The North American model is less aggressive with the forecast; the Euro model is predicting winter weather doom. This storm will come out of the deep south, so it does have the potential to develop into a full-fledged nor'easter. Hold on to your hats, Flake Followers.

Even though it will be vacation week, the GSD Staff still will be hard at work and will provide storm updates throughout the weekend and following week.

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