Monday, February 9, 2015

Storm Ringo Update

If it's a Monday in February 2015, then that must mean it's a snow day for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Enjoy these heady, snowy times--they don't come around too often.

Snow will continue in a steady fashion until about 1 PM. There could be a few snow showers this afternoon and evening but they won't be anything to worry about. Road conditions will improve around midday. We'll see another 3-4 inches by the time it stops. The snow is not quite as light and fluffy as the last two storms. There's warmer air above the surface air which has made for a more granular snow. Shovelling it will not be as easy as the past two storms.

Courtesy of Albany's WNYT, Channel 13.
We do not feel there will be any delays or snow days tomorrow morning. Other communities well to our east will have the double snow day. Boston has already called off school for Tuesday. Boston is up to 8 snow days for winter 2014-15.

The evil words "shorten April vacation" are starting to be uttered. We do not like this trend. But we also heard on Boston's public radio outlet this morning that Gov. Baker is considering a one-year waiver for school's ability to meet 990 hours of instructional time. Nothing is set in stone yet; we'll have much more on these developments in future posts.

The next snow event should occur in the early morning hours Thursday and into Thursday midday. It will be very light--one or two inches--and should not impact the length of the day on Thursday, but we do have our eye on it.

Alas, our freeze delay chance for Friday is not going to happen. We'll still see temps in the -12 to -16 range but not until Saturday morning, which is the first day of February break.

Enjoy the day!

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