Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Weather Advisory for Sunday Night

The NWS is playing it very safe for us--and rightfully so--and it has issued a WWA for the Berkshires from 4 PM Sunday to 6 AM Monday.

Sleet and freezing accumulation will be light--no more than 2/10ths of an inch. Still, we know that even a tenth of an inch can make for unsafe travel. And because a lot of roads still have some leftover snow on them from the most recent storm, driving could be hazardous for a stretch of time this afternoon and Sunday night.

The temperature did not warm up as much as we thought it would today, which has resulted in this WWA.

We still think that the sleet and freezing rain will change to rain just after midnight, which will wash out the sleet by the morning commute. But we will bump up the True North Confidence Meter to 35% for a delay. Don't even think about it--a snow day is out of the question.

That orange there is headed in a northeasterly direction, making a bee-line for the Berkshires. Take it safe on the roads this evening.
FYI, Accuweather is calling for 3-6" for Thursday night's storm. We love the way Accuweather pumps up a storm, but this early call for a moderate snow fall is ambitious, to say the least.

Tonight's minor storm and Thursday's bear watching. We'll update later if we learn anything more about the sleet and freezing rain.

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