Thursday, January 2, 2014

Storm Brooklyn Comes Through

Oh, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, take me in...

It's a clean sweep for the county, as everyone has extended the holiday vacation by a day. Very fine, light snow is falling in North County, with about an inch on the ground as of 5:45 AM.

The radar is looking pretty good right now:

The band of snow (we discussed yesterday) is moving toward the east-northeast, and there are several hundred miles of snow headed our way, as this storm extends all the way back to St. Louis. You do see that lull we've been talking about over western Pennsylvania, but that won't impact us until late morning.

As for tonight and the chances of a snow day tomorrow, we're still thinking that a delay is much more likely than a snow day. We'll have a better sense of the intensity and timing of the second part of the storm later today and will update everyone at that point.

In the meantime, kick back and enjoy this bonus day. The roads will be snow-covered so be careful if you head out. And if you do go sledding or skiing today, be sure to bundle up as it will be bitterly cold AND the wind is going to pick up.

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