Thursday, January 2, 2014

Brooklyn Early Evening Report

[SCHOOL CLOSINGS FOR FRIDAY: Adams-Cheshire, BCC, Lenox, Pittsfield, McCann, North Adams, Berkshire Hills, Lee, BaRT, MCLA, Williams, Mount Greylock]

Hello again, flake followers. We seem to be meeting here quite often the last few days.

Let's get right down to it...are we going to have school tomorrow or what?

Well, that question is already answered for--as of 7:45 PM on Thursday--North Adams, McCann, Lenox, Pittsfield, Adams-Cheshire, and BCC. For the second night in a row, the dominoes are starting to fall early. This early cancellation action bodes very well for those students who do not wish to see their kind, loving instructors tomorrow.

About an hour ago we just took the GSD Snow Wagon out for a spin for some field study and the roads are an absolute nightmare right now. The snow is simply frozen to the road, and the snow was also starting to freeze in the tread's of the trusty wagon's tires, making for some, shall we say, adventuresome driving. In fact we saw a car go right off the road while we were out there. This evidence is only anecdotal, but we'd imagine things aren't much better around the County.

According to meteorologists, the snow is supposed to last through the morning commute. Based on our study of the radar, we think they will be right. Heavier bands of snow will move into our area between 12 and 3 AM, and then we'll see light, residual snow and snow showers throughout the morning. If it is still snowing moderately around 5 AM, we'll definitely have a delay if not a snow day. We just don't see this storm suddenly speeding up and pulling the snow out of our area that quickly.

Here are a few more maps for your perusal:

If we do end up with 13 or 14 inches, then it's hard to believe we'll have school given the conditions of the roads and the deep freeze expected for tomorrow.

South County will be the bigger winner tonight in the County as the leading edge of the coastal low (that is pounding NY and CT and caused the closure of the NY Thruway) will creep far enough northward to bump up their snow totals.

At this point we feel 100% certain there will be a delay tomorrow, and because of the snow that is frozen to the road, we've upped our chances of a snow day to 80%. Crazy, crazy times indeed.

We'll update the closures list at the top of the page in blue as they come in this evening (when we hear about them).

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