Thursday, January 2, 2014

Brooklyn Midday Report

We hope everyone is enjoying this snow day. We need to emend our earlier claim about a "clean sweep" for the County on the snow day. We did not see Southern Berkshire or Berkshire Hills on the list and can only assume that they were not slated to head back to school until Monday. If not, we apologize for providing misinformation.

Right now we're seeing that lull that we talked about yesterday. The snow will shut off for a few hours before it ramps back up again this evening. The energy from the Ohio Valley storm is shifting to the coastal storm, which will push moisture over us this afternoon and tonight.

Here's the latest snow total map from our friends at Channel 13:

Higher elevations in the Berkshires should push 12", and our prediction for 9" should be about right for most of the county. The big question will be the ending point of the storm. We think it should be around 7 AM, which should yield many delays tomorrow morning.

Another major factor we haven't discussed that much is the bitter cold. The high temperature tomorrow should be a whopping 3 degrees. Tomorrow night we'll see negative teens for low temps. While most diesel-fueled buses should be able to start at 3 degrees, the cold could factor into Superintendents' decisions for a delay or snow/cold day tomorrow.

Look for the snow to pick up again between 2:00 and 3:00.

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