Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Winter Storm Warning For Storm Brooklyn

We weren't sure NOAA was going to pull the trigger, but they've gone ahead and greenlighted a Warning for our New Year storm.

While this information is encouraging--and we'll adjust our True North Confidence Meter accordingly--we still don't like some of the signs we're seeing. Again, the big issue with Brooklyn will be her early lack of punch. If she had a little shock-and-awe in her, we'd be 100% on our chance of a snow day. But because she'll be a slow starter, it's all going to come down to the Superintendent and whether or not he or she wants to put the buses out on the inevitably messy roads.

We also might have that dreaded dry patch for a few hours in the morning tomorrow. If that dry spell takes place between 5 AM and 6 AM when the big decisions are made, you'll be heading to the bus stop at your appointed hour.

Most meteorologists are predicting 1-3" on the ground by the morning commute. Let's hope it's more toward 3" and we'll be sitting pretty with another day of vacation. NOAA expects the greatest amount of snow to fall just to the north of I-90, which is great news for most of the county. NOAA thinks some areas could see 4" by daybreak, which would absolutely guarantee a snow day. But the radar at this hour is still not convincing, and the GSD Staff is expecting about an inch or so by morning daylight hours.

As for snow totals, the maps keep flip-flopping. We've seen a low of 3-6" and a high of 12-18". Channel 13 meteorologists, who we find generally reliable, have now put us back up in the 10+" range after lowering our totals to 7-10" this afternoon.

That's what we're talking about.

Not as attractive, but we hope were in the pocket.
We'll have one more update later. We're a little reluctant to make a call for the full snow day, but the chance for one is very real.

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