Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's a Double for Brooklyn!

Well, that happened fast. In the time it took for us to compose the last post, the Snowball Effect (see below) took place and just about every school in the county called off school. This is the first time in the long, illustrious history of GSD that school districts have called off school the night before TWO nights in a row. Brooklyn has assured her place in the pantheon of great storms.

If you had gambled on this storm two days ago, your $1 bet would have earned you five whole dollars.

There will be no late night report this evening.

Tonight's decision is certainly a study of social psychology. We certainly understand why city schools with lots of walkers would want to pull the plug on school given the cold temps and wind chill forecast. But we're not entirely sure why other Superintendents wouldn't want to wait until tomorrow to at least see how road crews will do with the (eventually) diminishing snow. Once two or three districts call school off, the night before, then what happens next is it makes the decision so much easier for the other Superintendents. If everyone calls school off except for one or two Superintendents, then guess who likes the bad guy or gal? And who wants to look like the bad guy or gal? Not your Superintendent.

So, a snow day tomorrow might not be the right decision at 5:30 AM, but it certainly became the "right" decision at 7:30 PM tonight. This is now case 1A in this new-ish snowday phenomenon officially known at the GSD Headquarters as the Snowball Effect.

Oh, one more thing. We have a messy wintry mix scheduled for Sunday night into Monday. Let's just call 2014 a wash and we'll start up classes again in 2015.

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