Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Storm Brooklyn: Late Night Update

We're getting some lifting of the snow from south to north as the moisture overspreads our area. Snow has crept into South Berkshire according to the radar, but the moisture is spotty to our west . Fortunately, the snow line is stalled (it might sound bad but it's good) and the south-to-north movement is what will determine our fate.

The snow is creeping northward but is not very heavy...yet.
We do have our first school cancellation for tomorrow. Lenox is on the board for a snow day. Perhaps this is for administrators only as Lenox students could be on vacation through Monday, but we hope not. Bold call, Lenox. Great work!

Despite the good news from South County, we're only going to bump our chance for a snow day up to 60%. The cold, the timing, the Winter Storm Warning, and the volume are all working in our favor. The radar and the lull we're supposed to get have prevented this storm from being a no-contest, slam-dunk snow day. We favor our chance at a release better than we do a snow day. We certainly hope we're wrong.

If there's an inch or more on the ground and the radar has filled in with more blue tomorrow morning, then we'll have a snow day. If the snowfall is just a dusting and the radar shows a longer lull for the morning hours, then prepare for school.

You'll need to check in tomorrow as a full day of school on Friday is in no way a done deal.

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