Thursday, January 2, 2014

Brooklyn's Second Phase Begins

The temperature is on the way down; the wind is beginning to pick up; the snow is starting again and will continue until morning. Welcome to winter, 2014 style.

Here's the latest radar (3:30 PM):

You can see there's A LOT of moisture still moving in our direction. All of the precip you see here is moving in a northeasterly direction. There are some heavier bands to our west on the NY/PA border that will just miss us to the north. But we like the looks of those heavier bands that are just over our nation's capital--those should pass directly over the Berkshires much later tonight.

The only concern with this map is that slot of drier air that extends southwest down into West Virginia (the breaks in the precipitation). That slot could hold our totals down, but it's also starting to fill in actively as the low pressure system off the coast of Virginia sends moisture our way. If we look at the radar in a few hours, we should see that drier slot filled in with blue, which means more snow for us. At no point should you worry about the green. There's no way we'll see rain until very early in the day on Monday.

As for tomorrow, we still are bullish on the delay prediction. A full-out cancellation is not out of the question, but we'll definitely see delays in Berkshire County tomorrow. We still should see a good 5-6 more inches of snow from Brooklyn before she finishes up her work tomorrow morning.

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