Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January's Weak Exit; Hoping for a Better February

Ever since our exciting Jan. 2 and 3rd snow storm, it has been one dull day after another on the snow front. We still added to our seasonal totals in January, but these drib-and-drab Alberta clippers don't leave a lot of room for seat-of-your-pants excitement that nor'easters bring.

We have two weathermakers to contend with as we head into Super Bowl weekend. Thursday night into Friday we'll see an inch of light snow from an AC, and then Saturday we're looking at more light snow, possibly changing to sleet and/or all rain. North of the Berkshires will see all snow, and potentially 3 or 4". We won't be so lucky in these parts. Hopefully, the rain will not wipe out the very thin base of full snow cover we have right now. The snow cover can aid snow fall, especially when there is a storm with temps at or around freezing.

We are hearing a few rumblings about a midweek storm (week of Feb. 3). The jet stream is very flat right now, which isn't good for storm production. Only when the jet stream forms that characteristic "U" or inverted omega shape do we start to see those coastal low pressure systems.

A return to this type of jet stream pattern would lead to more storms.
We think the we'll get that bend in the jet stream after the Saturday storm passes through our area. But this winter is on its downslope. With only two weeks to go before February vacation, Old Man Winter needs to get out of the rocking chair and back to work.

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