Thursday, January 30, 2014

Midweek Snow Storm (Feb. 5)?

It looks like a prediction for snow showers Friday has dried up. Our current "next best chance" is for snow Saturday morning with a possible changeover to sleet and then rain in the afternoon. Accumulation will only total an inch, if that.

Sunday and Monday look like calm, normal winter days with temps maxing out at 40 for Sunday but dropping into the high 20s for Monday.

The big news is the model agreement that a not insignificant storm will hit the Berkshires midweek. All the pieces are in place--a low pressure system coming from the south; mid-Atlantic coastal low pressure redevelopment; plenty of moisture (1" of liquid).

Two things we like about this storm: It's very early for the models (Euro and American) to be in agreement, and we love the amount of moisture associated with this predicted storm. Even with liquid-to-snow ratios on the low side of (8 or 10 to 1), we would see 10" of snow Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning. 

We'll give it one more day but we'll probably roll out a storm name poll midday tomorrow.

Winter's back, baby, and better than ever!

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