Monday, January 13, 2014

Week of Jan. 13: Snoozefest

After our wham-bang start to 2014, Old Man Winter has decided to hand us heaping shovelfuls of nothing since Storm Brooklyn made her way to the Berkshires.

The rain came through in a big way on Saturday and fortunately did not lead to the treacherous travel we endured during a little field trip we took to Maine this past weekend. North of Portland the roads were harrowing as all that rain we got here turned into freezing rain there. Even with the temperature in the mid-40s, the rain was freezing on the roads and in parking lots. Skates were the preferred footwear to the Bean boots that 65% of the population wear up there Down East. [Despite their appeal, there may be no worse shoe on ice than Bean boots. Don't let those rubber "chains" on the bottom fool you--you might as well cut up a snow tube and adhere it to the bottom of your foot.]

We digress because we don't have much to report for this neck of the woods. We will see rain in the overnight Monday and during the day Tuesday, and then temperatures will start to edge lower into a more acceptable snow-producing level by the end of the week. We will have a few very weak disturbances come through our area starting as early as Wednesday night, but there is no light or even moderate storm coming our way for at least a week. We could see measurable snow showers on Friday and, more likely, Saturday, but we're only looking at enough snow to cover the ground.

If that weren't bad enough, our usually aggressive forecasting site Accuweather shows our next chance for wintery weather (ice) on February 3rd (!). We hope it doesn't come to that, but the mid and late part of January are certainly setting up to be very quiet.

Keep dreaming wintery thoughts so we have more positive news to report soon.

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