Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Storm Brooklyn Afternoon Update: Snow Pipeline Taking Shape

We still have some reservations about a full snow day for tomorrow. It's certainly possible, and even likely if this storm behaves the way it's supposed to, but we know how fickle storms can be.

Here's a recent radar shot:

That band of snow there is slowly moving due east and starting to grow in size. The warm moist air from the south is starting to spread over the bitterly cold air in place over the northeast. Even though this image doesn't show a massive storm, this relatively narrow swath of snow will track ever so slowly over our area, creating a west to east snow pipeline. As long as this pipeline stays in place--and it should because the frontal boundary that is holding this line of snow in place is stalled--we could see a foot of snow.

Our latest concern about this storm is that we could see a lull in the action from about 7 AM to 1 or 2 PM tomorrow. If the radar is not looking threatening at 5 AM tomorrow, we might only get an early release.

More to follow.

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