Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Update: County School Cancellations Flurrying In

Good news, followers of the flake! In addition to Lenox, we have Lee and Pittsfield in the fold for a full snow day tomorrow. That's outstanding! Hopefully the domino effect will take place and these three schools will be our forerunners.

[9:39 Update: BCC has cancelled classes for tomorrow.]

[9:50 Update: The very lightest snow is now falling in North County. The snow is right on time, according to meteorologists, but we still do not like the radar picture at all. The snow is very light and is not filling in the way we'd like to see it. Much can change overnight, but we wonder if Lenox, Lee, and Pittsfield jumped the gun. Just sayin'.]

[10:35 Update: No school for Mt. Greylock tomorrow, as well as BART and Hancock. Vacation extended one more day! MG robocall will go out tomorrow morning.]

See the last few posts for actual storm details.

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