Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Double Advisory Tuesday

The news keeps getting better about our snow situation for Tuesday afternoon and night. The coastal storm expected to form this afternoon will hug the coast more tightly than had been expected. This means that we could see anywhere from 3" (North County) to 7" (South County) this afternoon and tonight.

Berkshire County has been issued a Winter Weather Advisory. We also have a Wind Chill Advisory to contend with, as the temps today will top out at 15 and go down to close to zero tonight. And that's when the wind will surge so be very careful if you have to be outdoors for very long after dark.

As for delays or days off tomorrow, we really don't like the timing of this storm. The storm will be a fast mover and start in the late afternoon hours and be out of our hair by 3 or 4 AM Wednesday. The snow will be very light because of the cold, which will lead to blowing and drifting snow problems. We'll see about 2 or 3" of snow in the North and 4-5" South. We won't be surprised to see South County schools call in the delay tomorrow morning. We'll up the True North Confidence Meter to reflect the improving forecast.

We'll have more if breaking weather news warrants it. Enjoy the snow, but watch the cold.

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