Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow for Saturday and Sunday/Monday (Jan. 25-27)

Get out the flags and the folding chairs because we're about to witness--as one of our trusted sources has put it--a "Clipper parade."

A series of of Alberta Clippers will breeze through our area. As you ought to know by now if you're a regular reader of these posts, Alberta Clippers are almost always fast-moving and almost always bring light to moderate snow to our area. Such is the case with the snow-makers this week.

Today's clipper (Saturday) will impact the Berkshires later this afternoon. We should see 1-2" from this first low pressure system. Tomorrow's clipper may end being more of a Monday clipper and it should be the more robust of the three storms we'll see this week. We could see 3-5" out of that one. If the timing is right--and it might be--we could see delays on Monday morning. The True North Confidence Meter will reflect a low probability for a delay, but the chance does exist.

Then we'll see another clipper on Thursday. This one should be more like Saturday's and will give us another shot of 1-3" of fluffy light snow.

The snow will be fluffy and light because it will continue to be cold. In fact, between these three ACs we'll see the return of that that bone-chilling cold. We'll be around 10-12 degrees for highs on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Not to get you too excited, but we may have something bigger brewing for next weekend and possibly the Monday after the Super Bowl. At the GSD Office we've long thought that the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday, but perhaps that wish will be granted for our region this year because of snow (or ice). We'll keep you posted.

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