Saturday, January 4, 2014

Rain for Sunday/Monday

You know it's cold when the snow makes that squeaky crunch sound. And there was plenty of squeaking and crunching going on for the last 36 hours. Fortunately, we're starting to thaw out and temps will rise to a balmy 26 degrees today (Saturday) in northern Berkshire County. Conditions this afternoon will be perfect for a skate on the ponds, some ice fishing, and a little cross country ski racing. We hear there's a big race at Notchview this afternoon.

But what comes with the opportunity to head outside and frolic in the snow is, of course, the risk of injury. Snow is slippery, after all. Groin pulls, thrown-out backs, snowball-fight elbow are all common winter injuries. Should you get injured, you need to call your primary care physician who needs to call the good folks over at Williamstown Physical Therapy. They will get you back out in the snow in no time at all.

We've got a bad news/good news scenario shaping up for Monday. This storm will be mainly a rain event. For students, it's bad news because your alarm will be going off Monday morning and your lazy bones will be sitting in one of those hard desk chairs at 7:40 AM. O the injustice! For parents, it's great news that these idle loafers who have been eating you out of house and home are finally getting out of your hair for 7-9 hours each day.

Temps are going to shoot up on Sunday into the 40s. We might see a few minutes of sleet at the storm's onset on Sunday afternoon, but then it's just going to be plain Jane rain for our area through mid-morning on Monday. The temps will start to plummet from the 30s down to the single digits by Monday night. As this temperature free-fall is occurring, we'll see a few bursts of snow showers. We could get a dusting in the early afternoon on Monday.

The biggest danger on Monday will be ice. Once the temps start to drop, those puddles are going to freeze up. These frozen puddles could get covered up by the snow showers, making for sneaky dangerous situations. Should you fall and get injured, see above.

It looks like we have a full week of school coming our way. A light chance of a dusting Monday. Bone-chilling cold on Tuesday (single digit high temp). Maybe some light snow Thursday night, and then over the weekend we could have a mixed precipitation event. Our weather pattern sure is active, and we won't have to wait too long for our next major storm.

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