Friday, January 3, 2014

Brooklyn Exits...Another Storm For Sunday Night

The snow is finally winding down and all we're left with now is the coldest air we've seen in these here parts since January ought nine.

As for snow totals, the GSD Home Office in Williamstown picked up exactly 7" of snow, which makes the storm a bust on one level. To think that 7" of snow would be the cause of two whole snow days in unfathomable. We can thank the bitter cold, the Snowball Effect, and the general weather hype machine (yes, guilty as charged) for this most unlikely turn of events.

And a tip of the cap to Central Berkshire for holding out until this morning to make the call about a snow day. Let's hope Superintendents start to move back in that direction.

Temps will get into the negative teens tonight. Here's an idea for later: Don't go outside! Download a movie, play a family game, read a book, go to bed early. All are better options than frostbite.

The GSD Staff is going to enjoy a nice day off then we'll be back to work tomorrow with our expert analysis of Sunday night's wintry mix mess that is on the way. We'll see it all--snow, sleet, freezing rain, and even some plain old rain. It will start Sunday afternoon is almost assuredly going to affect Monday morning's commute in a signficant manner.

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