Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Storm Watch for Monday/Tuesday

A few days ago an Alberta Clipper was supposed to impact our area on Monday with a chance of light snow. Today, we are very pleased to report that a potential blockbuster storm is on its way. This storm will start Monday afternoon and not end until Tuesday night. Over a foot of snow is likely.

The NWS is suggesting that between 8 and 16 inches of snow will fall, with some areas getting 20 inches. Other weather outlets are suggesting up to 2 feet. The GSD Staff is on high alert. Our True North Confidence Meter is currently reflecting how big this storm could be.

Feast your eyes on that! Thanks, Accuweather.
There still is some uncertainty with just how heavy the snow will be on Tuesday, but the timing looks good as does the duration of the storm. If meteorologists were more certain about the storm development, they would have issued a Warning by now, not just a Watch.

And that's really the only big development we will be looking for to move the Confidence Meter to 100% (that's right, you read that correctly). If the Watch becomes a Warning, then most schools will be calling in snow days for Tuesday. It's possible some will even make the call Monday night.

We need a quick turnaround on our storm's name so vote today!


  1. Aren't you worried about jinxing it with the Brady and Belichick options? This storm could end up underinflated.