Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Storm Belichick Update

You may have noticed that it's not really snowing that hard right now and that there isn't too much snow on the ground. Could this storm be a bust? You bet your bottom dollar it could be.

You may also have noticed the temperature is very cold--11 degrees at GSD HQ at 7 AM. What has happened is what we feared last night. The cold air is too firmly in place, and the snow shield--the western edge of the storm--has had trouble pushing through the cold air mass. The heavy bands that should have been giving us 1-3" of snow per hour have been blocked. The eastern part of Massachusetts is still getting the heavy snow (Worcester has 2 feet already with more to come), but it just isn't pushing through to us. In football terms, the Berkshires are the quarterback, the cold air is the offensive line, and the storm is the defense trying to blitz and sack the quarterback. Unfortunately for us snow lovers, the offensive line has stood up to the defense and not let it touch, hurry, knock down, or sack the QB.

We still will see snow throughout the day today. There will be enough of it to stick to the roads (because of the very cold temps), and we have the blowing and drifting of snow to contend with as the winds kick up. Even though it's not a blockbuster, travel will still be very difficult out there today, especially in the middle part of the day and late afternoon. The travel ban is technically still in place for all of Mass but it looks like it is being loosely enforced in the Berkshires.

If we see 6" total at the GSD Home Office at the end of this storm we'll be surprised. That two-day snow day idea we planted in your heads yesterday--that's out the window.

But don't despair. We have not one but two storms in our near future. Thursday night into Friday's clipper/coastal low should give us 3-5" right during the morning commute, and our weather eye has spotted another coastal storm that should impact us Sunday night into Monday.

Who's dreaming of a four-day Super Bowl weekend? GSD is, that's who.


  1. It has to be said: Storm Belichick deflated!

  2. Thanks to Kathy Judge for pointing me to this post. I have a new feed in my RSS reader!!