Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wind Chill Warning for the Berkshires

The National Weather Service has raised the stakes for our delay scenarios for tomorrow morning by issuing a Wind Chill Warning. The Warning lasts until 10 AM. This is good news for those in desperate need of a two-hour delay after three whole days of school without a break.

Wind Chill Warnings are rare and should not be taken lightly. The wind chill temp could approach -25 in the valleys and -40 in the higher terrains. That's some serious cold. If you have to go outside later tonight and tomorrow morning, winter mummification rules are in effect--no exposed skin. Frostbite can set in very quickly with air temps that low.

We do expect to see cautionary delays tomorrow morning for a few schools because of the Wind Chill Warning. Pittsfield is adding extra buses tomorrow morning for walkers, so that may be one district that will not have a delay.

Today, we could see up to 2" of snow as squalls move into the Berkshires. NOAA is even suggesting that a Winter Weather Advisory could be put up later today because the wind and blowing of snow will create blinding conditions.

All in all, the next 36 hours will be arctic, snowy, and blustery. Winter lovers,  rejoice!

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