Thursday, January 22, 2015

Snow For Saturday

The good news is that a nor'easter is heading toward us for Saturday. The bad news is that this medium/biggish storm will just miss us to the south and east. All of Berkshire County should see snow on Saturday with South County likely to get 1-3 inches, and Northern Berkshire only seeing an inch.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Downeast Maine!
The models are in good agreement right now on this low snow total outcome. There is the small possibility that the storm will hug more tightly to the coast and bring the storm more inland, but the GSD Staff does not think too highly of that scenario. If it does, we would see Winter Weather Advisories for Saturday but no Winter Storm Watches or Warnings.

Even though it's a Saturday and we're not going to see much from this storm, at least we're finally talking about snow again.

We also have our eye on a light Alberta Clipper on Monday that could bring 2-3 inches to our area if it develops off the coast.

These storms usher in a deeper winter chill for all of next week. Get out the face covering again.

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