Saturday, January 31, 2015

Winter Storm Warning Announced

Because of the bust of a storm this past Tuesday, we understand if you are slightly skeptical about our latest storm, but the reality is that weather experts now confidently feel that the storm will take a more northerly track and dump 8-16 inches on the Berkshires. As a result, the NWS has upgraded our Watch to a Warning. As always, this is a very positive sign for a snow day.

The Warning period is from 9 PM Sunday to 6 PM Monday, which means that the snow should start falling around 11 PM. Perhaps the snow will coincide perfectly with the confetti that will fall as the Patriots hoist the Lombardi trophy? (Check that--University of Phoenix is an outdoor stadium; do they do confetti at outdoor stadia?)

Courtesy of Accuweather.
One of the big reasons for the high snow total prediction is the ridiculously high snow-to-liquid ratio for this storm (20:1). Even if this storm delivers the low end snow total, we should be in good shape for countywide snow days on Monday. It's pretty easy to get used to these four day weeks.

We still are on track for the first ever snow day/freeze delay double. Let's make this happen!

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  1. Actually, UofP stadium is a dome with a natural grass field.