Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Storm Warning

More good news from the good folks at The National Weather Service. We've been upgraded from a Winter Storm Watch to a Winter Storm Warning. Get ready to feel the wrath of Old Man Winter!

The duration of the Warning is from 1 PM Monday to 1 AM Wednesday. You can't ask for better timing. We expect many school districts to make the call for the snow day tomorrow night or even at the end of school tomorrow (Monday).

Tomorrow, you might want to stock up on a few supplies if you're running low. Travel will be very difficult Monday night and all day Tuesday. No one should be out on the roads on Tuesday. It's possible that the Governor of the Commonwealth could call a State of Emergency, which would prohibit travel.

We also expect local colleges to have to cancel for the day.

By the way, the latest over/under snow day number for this storm is 1.5. Yes, that means some schools--we're thinking South County schools will have the best shot--could have the double snow day from this behemoth.

Check out Accuweather's latest hype:

That's a lot of snow.
Enjoy this one; storms this big don't come around too often.


  1. What is the chance of an early release monday?

  2. Not likely. The snow won't start falling until about 3 or 4 PM. We do expect most practices to be cancelled, but hopefully schools will hold out as long as they can to make that decision.