Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Post Belichick Delays?

It was only a matter of hours before the "Storm Belichick" and "deflating" comments appeared in the GSD Comment box. A tip of the cap to follower Gabe Pesce for being the first in with this joke. It's too bad the rest of the Northeast couldn't have had as much fun with our storm name as we did. The Weather Channel went with Juno, and the GSD Staff cannot figure out why in the world they would want to name a storm after a pregnant teenager.

It's hard to tell if it's snowing out right now with all the blowing snow, but we are getting a few backside bands of snow from the storm. We might tack on another inch this evening, but that will be about the size of it. While we really don't think so, we suppose there could a few delays tomorrow morning because of windblown snow. Do not count on it, especially with the forecast for snow Friday and Monday.

The 7:45 PM radar. Bands of snow are coming out of the north-northeast.
As for snow totals, we will end up with 3 to 4 inches at the GSD Home Office, depending on what happens tonight. A mere 75 miles to our east, the city of Worcester reported a whopping 32". We were so close to snow totals of epic proportions. The other amazing aspect of this storm has been the wind. Wind gusts in the 70 and 80 mph range were reported at Nantucket and off the coast of Gloucester. That's hurricane level wind.

We will enjoy a cold winter day tomorrow (low 20s), but the sun should be out and the winds will be tapering. Clouds will move in on Thursday, and we could see a well-timed shot of light snow Friday morning. We don't believe there will be any snow days as a result of it, but it could be a similar situation to the one that snuck up on us on the 15th of January. That would mean multiple delays.

Our best chance of a snow day looks to be a Monday. A coastal storm late Sunday night that could develop that will give us 4-8" of snow. It's still a ways out, but we're liking how active this weather pattern is.

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  1. Hoping for a delay atleast, my kid has said the buses are absolutely freezing!