Monday, January 26, 2015

Morning Map Time

Everything is on course for the biggest storm of 2015. The forecasted amount of liquid is still high, but the storm center may end up tracking a little more to the east than we expected. This could take snow totals down to the 8-12" range for central and northern Berkshire County. Still, that's more than enough snow to warrant school cancellations for Tuesday.

Connecticut will be under a travel ban after 9 PM tonight. We might see Massachusetts make the same decree, thus guaranteeing a snow day for tomorrow.

Here are a few maps for your perusal:

The first is from the Albany office of the NWS. The second image is from Boston's Dave Epstein. We definitely won't be at the epicenter of the storm, but we're awfully close. If we do end up getting close to 2 feet of snow, there's a good chance many schools will be cancelled on Wednesday as well. Once we get into this storm and sort out Tuesday's cancellations, the GSD Office will refocus its efforts on Wednesday and the potential double snow day from Storm Belichick.

Look for a few snow showers and flurries around midday, and then the main snow event cranking up after dark tonight.

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