Monday, January 19, 2015

Winter Doldrums

Hopefully everyone enjoyed a nice three-day weekend and is well rested for a big four-day week. It's twiddling thumbs time these days in the ol' GSD Home Office as we have very little to report by way of storms for the next ten days.

We could see a light dusting Wednesday night into Thursday, and there is some discussion of a short period of snow on Monday afternoon, but that storm is so far off and our forecast so speculative that we aren't even being responsible by mentioning it. But that's how bad things are these days on the winter storm front. Temperatures for the next week will be fairly normal this time of year. The low for the week will be Wednesday morning--single digits--while the high this week will occur on Thursday--mid 30s.

We are due for a change in the weather pattern, at some point. It might not occur for a few weeks, but when things do shift, we'll should see an active period for the first part of February. Nothing brings on February vacation faster than a few well-timed snow days!

Keep the faith; we'll have good news eventually.

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