Thursday, January 29, 2015

Snow Before Midnight

Good evening, snow lovers. Here's the 6:45 PM radar picture:

You can see that the storm is not particularly well organized, but that there is a sizable swath of moisture off to our west. The precipitation is moving in an easterly fashion, with a little turn to the north. The moisture will fill in and expand as it moves east.

The current forecast is for about a third of an inch of liquid with snow-to-liquid ratios running around 13:1. A well-timed four inches could certainly cause delays for several schools tomorrow. The Winter Weather Advisory that was leaked to us earlier starts at 10 PM tonight and ends at noon Friday.

Here's what we're thinking:

*The rate of the snow fall could be heavy between midnight and 2 AM, but road crews will have time to clear most major roads. (-)

*It will be snowing lightly during the morning commute, which will complicate the drive to school and work. (+)

*Schools in the northern half of Berkshire County will have a much better chance for a delay. The usual suspects--Stamford, Florida, Mohawk Regional--will probably have delays. Mt. Greylock, Adams/Cheshire, and Central Berkshire have a much better chance for a delay than schools south of Pittsfield.

*Definitely do your homework tonight--it's going to be one of those wake-up-see kind of mornings. And the GSD staff definitely is downplaying expectations for countywide delays. (-)

Hopefully we'll be able to do a running tally tomorrow morning.

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