Monday, January 12, 2015

Early Release Questions Answered

Calls have been coming in all morning to the GSD Home Office about the possibility of an early release today. Sadly, odds are low.

Yes, the WWA goes through 4 PM and sleet is supposed to mix into the precipitation (if it hasn't already) this afternoon. A quick check of the radar, though, indicates that the snow and sleet will taper considerably around 2 PM. The roads aren't going to be great when high schools release the children from their cages, but they should be passable.

What we might see are widespread cancellations of afternoon activities, as long as the snow is still falling at 2 PM. After a period of very light snow drizzle, another band of snow will drag through our area around 4 PM. We're also seeing signs of the moisture start to fill in in parts of New York, which could make its way to the Berkshires throughout the afternoon and shorten the window of quiet.

Any evening games should be safe from cancellation, though, as the precipitation will be mostly completed by 5 PM.

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