Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Brutal Cold Returns (But Not For Long)

Tomorrow morning could bring us the coldest temperatures since...last Thursday. Last Thursday we saw almost 100% of the schools in the district call in a two-hour delay or complete day off.

Why is there no discussion of a delay tomorrow, then? The main reason is the lack of wind. Last week we had a Wind Chill Warning for our area, which doesn't happen often; tomorrow we will have a wind chill of nil, nada, and zip. Also, temps will warm up fairly rapidly during the day and get all the way into the 20s.

Projected temps for 7 AM Wednesday. That's a -7 over North Adams.
Unfortunately, we see no storms coming in the next week--just a small chance of snow showers Thursday night into Friday. And above average warmth will take over the Northeast for the last two weeks of January. We still could see storms in this period, but we'll be dealing with the snow-sleet-rain regression, which simply isn't fun and usually leads to dashed hopes.

Perhaps you'll win the lottery and your buses won't start tomorrow. Best of luck with that!

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