Saturday, January 3, 2015

Winter Storm Upgrade for Northern Berkshire

Things are brightening on the snow front. The National Weather Service has graciously decided to upgrade the Winter Weather Advisory to a Winter Storm Warning for Northern Berkshire County. South Berkshire still has a WWA.

The biggest concern for us is the time frame and how quickly the storm will shift from snow to ice. Right now we think the snow will start around 4 PM. It will likely come down at a moderate to heavy rate from 5 to 10 PM. After that period, we'll see the snow switch to mixed precip for a few hours and then all rain by (at the latest) sunrise on Sunday. Unfortunately, the last night of vacation will not be a great night to head out on the town for a movie or bite to eat.

The county will see around 3 inches from this storm, with higher amounts in the north and hill towns. We're hoping that the rain will not completely eliminate the snow because it's about time it looks like winter out there.

Thanks to Channel 6 for this image. We think it's slightly low; we expect the nose of the 4-6" band to push further south.
What will definitely feel like winter, though, is the cold air expected to move in after Sunday's warm-up. We will see our first subzero temps of the season on Thursday morning. It won't be so cold to give us a few cold delays, but it will be close.

Get out the shovel and the extra heavy parka--it's going to be a lively weather week!

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