Monday, January 5, 2015

It is January, After All

The mercury is a-droppin' and the wind is a-blowin'! Welcome to Winter 2015.

As of 3:30 today (Monday), the temperature has dropped 30 degrees since yesterday's high of 47. As the temp bottoms out around 11 degrees (above zero) tonight, the wind will start to dissipate. And we still have the coldest weather ahead of us for Wednesday night into Thursday, perhaps the coldest in these parts since 2004.

The blustery and snowy weather we saw today will be repeated throughout the week. We have a chance of a ground-covering Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday. There will not be enough snow to merit delays, but we could see a half inch on the ground. A few more snow showers could be flying around on Friday. There is some minor talk about an end of the weekend storm, but we're not confident that it will develop. But there's always hope.

We are now looking at the possibilities for cold delays Thursday. The temperature will be well below zero (between -5 and -10), and the wind will be very strong. It will be unsafe to have exposed skin if you are waiting at a bus stop Thursday morning. Schools with many walkers will want to consider delaying the start of the day by an hour or two to let the temperature rise and the winds to ease up. Still, we will only see a high of 15 or so on Thursday.

Stay warm and stay alert about delays on Thursday!

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