Thursday, January 29, 2015

Clipper Time

Sorry if any of you were inconvenienced by the True North Confidence Meter technical difficulties were were having the last few days. We think our tech crew has fixed the problem, and it should now say 30% for a delay tomorrow.

We're again going to be in the "just miss" zone with this clipper. Winter Weather Advisories have been issued just to our north, and the north shore of Massachusetts and coastal Maine will be getting advisory level snow (3-6 inches) once the clipper re-energizes on the coast.

The timing of the snow has gone from "good" to "just okay." The latest radar picture suggests it's going to arrive earlier than we thought. We will see precipitation before midnight. And because there is not a lot of moisture with this clipper, there will be too much time for road crews to take care of business.

There's a chance for a delay, but it's becoming increasingly less likely. 30% is not a vote of high confidence.

As for our Monday storm--alas--more signs are suggesting it will go out to sea to our south. Several of the models are still predicting a moderate to heavy snowfall for the Berkshires, but twice as many now take the storm farther east and south of Western New England. We're definitely not giving up hope, though.

We'll run a list of delays tomorrow if it's warranted.

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