Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wrap-Around Snows as Gingy Departs

Don't be surprised to see an inch or two of big-flake snow on the car tomorrow morning when you get ready to head to school. We're in the middle of strong band of snow right now (9:45 PM) that is part of the west and northwest wraparound moisture from the coastal low that is now in the Gulf of Maine.

The energy from the low should give us bursts of snow for the next 24 hours that will be diminishing in intensity the farther away the low pressure system gets from us.

After that, the cold air moves in for a day and a half or so and then the temps will moderate toward the weekend.

We still are getting signals that there's something brewing for Monday. The Euro model has the storm missing us to the south, but this one model called the GFS is bringing the storm into our area with a set-up very similar to today's mess. So, we can't go calling this a big storm, but there is enough instability and moisture out there for potentially snow, wintery mess for Monday. If the Euro model starts to agree with the GFS, we'll let you know, as that would be a positive development for the snow lovers out there.

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