Sunday, March 24, 2013

Monday Fizzle

Unfortunately, we're going to have to hold onto "Hazel" for our next storm name because--like most of the brackets in the GSD Staff NCAA Hoops pool--our Monday storm is a big fat bust. There's a very slight chance of precipitation in South County, but mostly Monday will be a dreary, cloudy day. Yay.

We wouldn't have you give up complete hope, though, for the likelihood of another storm. It's been such a wacky weather year (last few years, in fact) that we should expect the unexpected. Given how unpredictable storms are these days, plus the potential for superstorms at any time, we could see snow all the way into early May. Or an early hurricane. Or--hopefully not--a tornado.

The week ahead looks a lot like last week. We'll see snow showers and some rain showers with high temps during the day around 40 (or so) and lows at night in the 20s. Hopefully the sap will start to run for all our syrup producers because it's been a rough time for those folks.

Some kind of disturbance is heading our way for Easter Sunday night into Monday. Sound familiar? This one will likely be rain but one never knows, do one.

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