Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Two Chances for Snow

Greetings. A little snow may visit the area tomorrow evening. The precipitation will be light, but the rain showers we may see tomorrow afternoon could turn into a more steady snow tomorrow evening. With the warm daytime temps, the snow will melt when it hits the street and might just coat the grass. No need to worry about any evening cancellations with this shot of wet weather. Accumulation--if any--will be very light.

After temps in the low 50s for Easter Sunday, for Monday we're looking at a similar situation to tomorrow, except with this storm the amount of precipitation will be higher. As the temps cool at the end of the day Monday, we could see an inch or so of slush.

No need to get excited about either weather disturbance. We just feel obligated to alert our readers when the white stuff will fall regardless of amount.

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