Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Good News for Thursday

We don't like to stir up the hype, but the storm looks like it wants to hang out on the coast for a little while, which will throw moisture (in that classic counter-clockwise pattern) over our area. Then the storm will head out to sea but not after leaving a trail of white stuff behind.

Here's what Accuweather is saying:
The heaviest snow, up to a foot, may bury portions of Connecticut, western Massachusetts and southernmost portions of Vermont and New Hampshire.
We know spring sports are right around the corner, but one last big snow effort for our region would not be too hard to stomach, especially because the late winter temps will melt the snow away within a week.

Let's not forget that March typically has one good snow storm in it; one of the most famous was the Storm of the Century in mid-March of 1993. There's no way we'll approach those levels of snow, but our readings of the tea leaves indicate we may indeed have a school-truncating event on the way for Thursday.

Much more to follow...

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