Monday, March 18, 2013

Midday Report: Storm Ginger & MCAS Update

Storm Ginger, with her flowing reddish-auburn locks, will slip into our area starting around 8:00 tonight.

The snow line is currently on the Pennsylvania/New York border and inching slowly toward us. The radar reveals only a moderate amount of moisture, but that moisture zone will expand significantly as the energy of the low pressure system reaches the coast and strengthens over the slightly warmer waters.

At this point, 8" of snow seems a little high for the Berkshires. We're going to lower our totals to the 3-6" range at this point in the forecasting process. The storm should still bring in mixed precipitation for our area at some point, which puts the morning commute in the danger zone. The combination of ice with the heavy, wet snow could lead to power outages as well.

South County schools will be sweating out a delay or full day of school. North County schools will more than likely have a delay and some could see the full snow day. We need to get a better sense of how long the storm will last before we give our final pronouncements about the chances of a shortened day or no day at all.

The State of Massachusetts has postponed the MCAS test until Monday for the entire state. So, MCAS is no longer an issue for the superintendents' decisions.

We've been duped before from these late winter storms, so there's no resting easy tonight with Ginger.

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