Thursday, March 7, 2013

Storm Fannie Evening Report

It's coming down to beat the band right now.

Main roads in Northern Berkshire county are wet but clear of snow; side roads are now covered.

The moisture is doing a very good job of pushing westward. We may see a slight lull from 9 PM to 11 PM but then it looks a heavy band of snow will impact all of the area around midnight.

We still are sticking with our 50% chance of a delay prediction. We know it's not particularly helpful, but we just do not have enough confidence that the moderate snowfall will continue into the dawn hours tomorrow morning. Believe us when we tell you we want it to continue, but there are some columns of lighter precipitation that are tempering our enthusiasm with this storm.

We are confident that the Berks will see 4" from this storm, if not more.

You're rolling the dice if you opt out of doing your homework tonight. Good luck with that decision!

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