Friday, March 8, 2013

Fannie's Friday Follies

It's still snowing and there are several more hours of snow on the way. Delays are highly likely this morning, and it will not shock the GSD Staff to see a few full closures from Frannie. The snowfall is relatively light but persistent.

Snow will fall until noon or so, and the wind is starting to whip up, causing the snow in the trees to blow into the streets.

Here is our running list of county school delays and closures:

Adams-Cheshire (2 hrdelay)
Central Berkshire (2 hr. delay)
BART (2 hr. delay)
Mt. Greylock (2 hr. delay)
Pine Cobble (2 hr. delay)
McCann (2 hr. delay)

Berkshire Hills (closed)
North Adams (closed)
Lenox (closed)
So. Berkshire (closed)
Lee (closed)


  1. 5:40am- Berkshire Hills just called a snow day.