Friday, March 22, 2013

Eyes on Monday

It's amazing that we're still feeling the aftereffects of storm Ginger. These bands of snow showers that we've been seeing (and continue to see) will be impacting our area through the overnight hours on Friday. The NWS even issued a Special Weather Statement today to let people know that some of these squalls could accumulate and make the roads a wee bit slickery.

So, what about Monday?

The Euro model takes the storm to our South and on a slightly slower timeline (more of during the day storm on Monday). The North American model has the storm impacting our area during the early morning hours and AM commute on Monday. Also, the North American model brings more moisture to our region than the Euro, but we're still not talking about a lot of it. We think the very most we'll see would be 6" with higher amounts in South County. We are not predicting 6", but if the storm comes to full fruition--and that's not a sure thing--that's about how much we'll see, which is enough to delay or cancel school on Monday.

Given our recent track record*, we should expect the big fizzle. More of the details will start to come together over the weekend as we track this storm, and we'll of course let you know.

*As far as snow totals go, Ginger actually came through with 6-8" across the County. Even though her timing got out of whack, she delivered her predicted snowfall totals.

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