Thursday, March 7, 2013

Storm Fannie: Midday Report

Continuing with the boxing/MMA theme with Fannie...

Just when we were ready to count Fannie out with a TKO in the first round, she got the old smelling salts out, hitched up the proverbial skirt, and showed a little spunk. NOAA is forecasting 2-6" for our region, but some of the local meteorologists think that total will be a little higher. We'll just see about that...

We have enjoyed a visually pleasing light snowfall all day today, and we are hopeful that this snow is a precursor to some much heavier bands of power snow later this evening.

The snow is filling in nicely this afternoon, as almost all of southern New England is experiencing snow. As the low pressure out of the Great Lakes links up with energy from the big coastal storm tonight, we should see more aggressive snow bands pass over our region during the evening hours.

The concern is the timing of the heavier bands of snow. They will probably hit us in the 11 PM to 2 AM zone. This means road crews will have ample time to deal with them especially if we see a let-up after the bands pass through. If we're going to get a delay, we'll need the snow to continue to fall through 5 or 5:30 AM tomorrow.

At the moment, the GSD Staff is in agreement that a snow day is almost out of the question, but it will be a 50/50 proposition for the entire county. We'll reserve the right to change our minds, but we think that's how it's going to go down. That means no slacking off tonight--study for your math or vocabulary quiz for tomorrow!

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